Modular liquid coolers for free cooling systems

Cooling capacity 242 - 466 kW

AQUA Free is the most energy efficient and flexible free cooling system withmodular concept on the market, offering a fully packaged solution which can be used as a stand alone free cooler or added to a chiller, transforming it into a free cooling chiller also in a second time. Once connected the chiller / free-cooler combination is automatically controlled by the chiller’s xDRIVE microprocessor, without the need for any additional programming.

The new range of AFW/AFV series liquid coolers consists of 3 modular packaged models, the AFW100, AFV200 and AFV300, which are air cooled and equipped with finned water coils, axial fans, three-way valve and a microprocessor controller with ModBus port. The “modular concept” employed to design this range enables AFW/AFV units to integrate perfectly with any liquid chiller in the Aries Tech, Galaxy Tech and Phoenix Plusranges, allowing “modular operation” in free cooling mode, but also permitting AFW/AFV modules to operate independently, in “stand-alone mode”, if necessary. Thanks to the capability for combining one or two AFW100 units with the Aries Tech air cooled chillers and one to four AFV200 and AFV300 units with the Galaxy Tech and Phoenix Plus chillers, efficiency levels from 310 kW to 1395 kW can be achieved in free cooling option, depending on the system’s climate and functional characteristics. The use of free cooling mode allows impressive energy savings and is particularly suitable for industrial processes where the production of chilled water is required all through the year. Under this system, the low temperature of the outdoor air is used in winter, autumn and spring to completely or partially cool the process fluid normally cooled by the chiller with the aid of its refrigeration compressors.

During modular free cooling operation, the AFW/AFV modules are controlled and managed by the microprocessor installed on the chiller, which functions as master, cooling the process fluid “free of charge”, with the compressors either shut down (total free cooling) or in partial operation (partial free cooling).


 Mode Compressor  Koudemiddel  Warmtewisselaar  Fan
 Cooling  -  H20  Finned coil heat exchanger Axial fan


  • Add additional modules, also in a second time
  • High energy saving
  • Wide range of accessories and options for customized solutions
  • Simplified installation and easy access to all components

Technical features

  • 3 models (AFW100, AFV200, AFV300)
  • 3 energy configurations (Basic, Efficient, High Efficiency)
  • The frame is extremely hardy with rustproof polyester paint
  • Minimum ambient temperature up to -15°C
  • Master/slave or stand-alone operating mode
  • 3 way modulating valv
  • IP54 protection
  • Microprocessor control

Acustic versions

  • N – basic acustic configuration
  • SN – super silent acustic configuration


  • -20°C option
  • Electronic fans speed control
  • Antivibration mounts Coils filter protection
  • Painted cooling coils