Luchtgekoelde koelmachines met vrije koeling

Koelcapaciteit 187 - 494 kW

PHOENIX FREE COOLING is a series of air cooled chillers with integrated free cooling with screw compressors, designed by MTA for outdoor installation with R407C refrigerant gas. The free cooling technology is particularly suitable when the requirement for cooled water and the conditioning of environments is necessary throughout the year. It involves exploiting, in winter and in the intermediate seasons, the low temperature of the outside air to cool either completely or in part the process fluid normally cooled by the chiller through the use of refrigeration compressors, obtaining high energy savings when compared to traditional solutions. With complete independence, the microprocessor control of the PHOENIX FREE COOLING units manages, according to requirement, the gradual switching-off of the compressors and the fans, minimising energy  consumption. In order to maximise the useful effect of the free cooling, these units are equipped with condensing sections independent of those of free cooling through the use of fans and special finned coils, unlike the solutions traditionally available on the market in which the free cooling batteries are superimposed on the condensing ones and supplied with a single system of fans.


 Mode Compressor  Koudemiddel  Warmtewisselaar  Fan
 Cooling  Screw compressor  R407C  Shell tube heat exchanger Axial fan


  • Reduced overall dimensions
  • Reduction of the working hours of the compressors
  • Greater reliability of the system
  • High energy savings
  • Condensing sections and separate free cooling to achieve maximum efficiency

Technical specifications

  • Galvanised carbon sheet steel and polyester powder coated R407C refrigerant
  • Screw compressors
  • Phase monitor and crankcase heater
  • Finned coils with copper pipes and aluminium fins generously dimensioned
  • Condensing section and free cooling section are separated to achieve maximum efficiency
  • Axial fans with optimised profile to reduce noise levels
  • Dry expansion type shell & tube heat exchangers with high energy efficiency and low water pressure drop
  • Integrated hydraulic circuit composed of: water finned coil, motorised three-way valve with proportional control

Acoustic Versions

  • N - standard acoustic version
  • SC - silenced acoustic version
  • SF - silenced for high temperature environment
  • SSF - super silenced


  • Compressor circuit breakers
  • Electronic fans speed control
  • Remote control
  • Filters on condenser coils
  • Monitoring system